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Nakatar is Nigeria’s Leading Affiliate Marketplace for Digital & Physical Products

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Choose from a wide-range of top-performing products to promote from our marketplace and get paid on time, every time!

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Sell your products and grow your business with Nakatar’s affiliate program

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Whether you are just starting out with doing business online or you have been in the game for sometime now, Nakatar can help you to achieve more.


Why Promote Or Sell With Nakatar?

Personal, Business & Financial Growth

Nakatar presents the vendor and the affiliate unlimited opportunities for personal and business growth. 

Business owners will expand their businesses by taking optimum advantage our distribution network to service customers beyond their regular scope of doing business.

The affiliate develops a career in digital marketing resulting in increased earning power.

More reach, more customers mean more money for the business to spend and grow.


Make Money With The Push Of A Button

The marriage between the Internet and technology has made wealth creation in the modern age almost seamless.

You can now set up your wealth creation system and make money from any part of the world. Ola or Uche can be in Lagos and make money from the UK or the US without a need to meet directly with his customer or client.

Nakatar is a collective effort to streamline how vendors of physical products and marketers make money or earn a living without leaving the comfort of their homes or location.

Quality Control

Doing business online is not all roses and no thorns. Product quality affects the confidence of marketers and that of the consumers of such products. 

This will also affect the product vendor and the platform used for getting these products to the public.

To ensure a positive affect, Nakatar has product quality control mechanism in place. Only products of high quality and positive customer feedback from initial tests get on our platform. This way, we will cut back on refunds and increase earnings for our vendors and affiliates; and promote customer loyalty.

Business On The Move

Our system allows vendors and affiliates to do business with customers without the unnecessary limitations of location, network, etc. Customers can access the website at all times. Money making should not have interruptions. What do you think?

Commitment To Delivery Schedules

We understand how difficult to fulfill orders in a timely fashion because of too many unsavoury factors. However, Nakatar is always seeking for ways to weather this storm and ensure we deliver products on schedule.

Brand Building

Nakatar is committed to building a trusted brand for itself; for its vendors and for its affiliates. 

Customers’ confidence is further strengthened when they are dealing with a trusted brand. Yes, reputation is an enormous factor in wealth creation!

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