If you ever wanted to lower your high blood pressure naturally or know someone who wants to, without those expensive prescription drugs and all their dangerous side effects… then this will definitely be the most important and life transforming page you ever come across in your entire life.

Here’s why

Few months ago, my blood pressure was around 210/120, I was swallowing different prescription drugs every day.

I almost gave up on life

Until I discovered this therapy that changed my life and made me free and happy again

Before that time, I have bought several products, costing me hundreds of thousands of naira, only to end up disappointed.

Stories like mine are common, In fact I meet many people who share a similar story in our private group.

Not everybody was lucky like me, who discovered the solution early enough

Seeing this information today, consider yourself lucky

You see… Hypertension is commonly tagged the silent killer because it does not give any early symptoms.

You only know when it gets to the dangerous advanced stage.

If you are reading this, consider yourself lucky again because untreated hypertension can lead to serious diseases, like stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, eye problems and sexual dysfunction.

NOT Finding A Lasting Solution To HBP Is Like Sitting On A Ticking Time Bomb


Why You Should Be Concerned About The Health of Your Heart...

The words below are straight from the WHO’s 2019 Fact Sheet:

  • Hypertension – or elevated blood pressure – is a serious medical condition that significantly increases the risks of heart, brain, kidney and other diseases.

  • An estimated 1.13 billion people worldwide have hypertension, most (two-thirds) living in low- and middle-income countries.

  • In 2015, 1 in 4 men and 1 in 5 women had hypertension.  

  • Fewer than 1 in 5 people with hypertension have the problem under control. 

  • Hypertension is a major cause of premature death worldwide.

  • One of the global targets for noncommunicable diseases is to reduce the prevalence of hypertension by 25% by 2025 (baseline 2010).

With the above stats, there is no doubt why you should pay critical attention to your heart’s health, especially when you consider the prevalence rate: Africa has the highest with 27%!

“But I am not at risk,” you say.

Well, you could be… almost right.

Hypertension has been nicknamed the “silent killer” because who those have it do not even know they have it.

What About Prescription Drugs?

While prescription drugs have been helpful in managing blood pressure cases, they have also left a mayhem of side effects in their wake. Here is a list of what you get along with the treatment they promised you:

  • Cough
  • Diarrhea or Constipation
  • Unplanned Weight Loss or Weight Gain
  • Dizziness or light-headedness
  • Erection Problems in Men
  • Feeling Nervous, Tired, Drowsy or Lack of Energy 
  • Headache
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Skin Rash

You will agree with me you deserve more than all the items on the list. It is with your well-being in mind, without side effects, I urge you to meet…


Blood Pressure Balance Tea
Blood Pressure Balance Capsules [100 Vegi Capsules]
Blood Balance Black Seed Garlic Capsules [100 Vegi Capsules]
Adegboola Madeleine
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I went from being at risk of having a stroke or dying suddenly, to no longer worrying. I ordered the Best Fit Bundle and results from my last tests show I am out of danger and can now live free of the fear of high blood pressure!
Paul ChukwudiBusinessman
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Finally, something that really works for me, I have bought several products since the day my doctor told me that blood pressure was higher than normal, consistent headaches and labour breathing. This is the only thing that works magically for me. Thank you, Havan Nature!

Ingredients and Their Benefits

Each tea bag or capsule contains 

  • 200mg Extract of Dioscorea Villosa or Wild Yam. Great for treating symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism and can also treat digestive disorders, urinary tract conditions and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It can help with most of the symptoms associated with menopause 
  • 100mg Centella Asiatica or Gotu Kola is known for managing depression, insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety and stress. Gotu Kola has also been found useful in aiding recovery after a stroke.
  • 100mg Allium Sativum or Garlic is a popular herb known for reducing systolic blood pressure [the top number] and diastolic blood pressure [the bottom number]. It’s been useful in treating heart disease, a condition found in about 80% of people with diabetes.
  • 100mg Curcuma Longa or Turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, promotes the dilation of blood vessels, increasing blood flow and reducing blood pressure, therefore, reducing the risk of heart attacks.

You must understand these products are not magic formulas and taking them above their recommended dosage can lead to serious side effects.

Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition or scheduled for surgery should always consult with a physician before using this or any health product.

Olaolu Adetunji
Mechanical Engineer
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I would have given you 5 stars but 4.8 is fair. I am still observing the results. My doctor recently diagnosed me with high blood pressure and I was searching the internet to find out more about it when I came across your website. I immediately ordered for the Best Fit Bundle. It impressed my doctor when he took my readings and asked how I could achieve the significant recovery in short time. Thank you so much!
Okpokpo Michael
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I got hypertensive 5 years ago. I have been on different medications since then and have suffered from severe side effects. I saw this Blood Pressure Balancer advert a month ago, and I bought it because of the natural ingredients to test if it would work. It worked like magic. It has significantly dealt a blow to the hypertension. I am so grateful.

What to do to Get Your Blood Pressure Balance Products Today

The temptation is to push off taking care of your health until a later date, a date we hardly control. Don’t forget: hypertension is a major cause of premature death worldwide with fewer than 1 in 5 people with hypertension have the problem under control!

This is saying the risk of losing a loved one to hypertension the very next minute is so high. “In my case, I lost an uncle to this silent killer some years ago. He just got back from work and decided to have a shower. He walked into the bathroom and that’s the last time his family saw him alive. Few minutes into the bathroom, they heard a scream and by the time his wife got there, he laid unconscious on the floor. Sadly, he never came around. He died leaving his 6 children and wife behind.”

“My dad was healthy on the 13th February. We even shared a nail clipper (cutter). He woke up with a terrible stroke the next day. He remained in a near vegetative state mostly for the next 8 months before passing away in November 2003. I was only in my 200 level!”

The two men in the above testimonies never planned they’d die so young, below 60 years but still fell to the icy hands of death, thanks to undetected cases of hypertension. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed how dangerous it is to neglect taking care of such conditions as hypertension and diabetes.

So, what’s the value of your health to you? God forbid you have to go now, how many helpless people do you plan to leave behind? What if you could avoid or prevent an untimely death from happening, how much would you pay or sacrifice to ensure that death never happens?

Our Blood Pressure Balance products are highly potent and affordable. See the prices below:

Ibrahim Halidu
Civil Servant
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I have received the new Blood Pressure product. Thank you so much. It works very well, all the way through. I am enjoying it very much. This is the first thing that has brought down my bp. Thank you so much.
Ibrahim Halidu
Civil Servant
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I have received the new Blood Pressure product. Thank you so much. It works very well, all the way through. I am enjoying it very much. This is the first thing that has brought down my bp. Thank you so much.

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